Maine Coon Personality Traits

Easy-going, affectionate and friendly, the Maine Coon cat’s personality is mostly pleasant, enough to make a pet owner “purr” with warmth.

Is the Maine Coon Sociable?

When it comes to family, and its owner, a Maine Coon is not just friendly but very affectionate too. It won’t hide or hiss at strangers at home, unless maltreated. This is not common but is usually found in male personality traits.

Is it Family Friendly?

It is so friendly that it will not mind greeting guests at the door or parade its tail around the living room. However, like any other cat, the Maine Coon can be fearful of extremely rowdy children like toddlers that pull on the tail but it is more patient compared to other cat breeds. In fact, a Maine Coon can tolerate younger children despite the loud, stressful noises they make. If anything, a Maine Coon will seek affection from children as well, even going out of its way to sit on the child’s lap for some petting.

How is its Relationship with the Owner?

Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon will prefer to be in the company of its owner. It will greet its owner when he gets home, gets out of the room in the morning or just pass by in the living room.

The Maine Coon won’t just rub on its owner’s legs when it is hungry, it will follow him most of the day just to see what he is doing. Many pet owners prefer the Maine Coon to other cat breeds because of this personality trait; a kind of loyalty or affectionate that is somewhat like a dog’s.

In fact, it can even be trained to do some tricks and even wear a leash and collar. It is possible even to walk a Maine Coon like a dog outside.

How Affectionate is a Maine Coon?

Very affectionate, but a Maine Coon is not just an ordinary lap cat. While it loves petting it does look for other ways of showing its affection like following its owner around and even playing with him or the children. There is no known evidence whether there is more affection in female personality traits than male personality traits.

Do They Go Well with Dogs?

Not surprisingly, a Maine Coon can adapt fairly easily to a dog in the house. Generally calm and friendly, a Maine Coon may eventually see the dog as another source of attention and even play with it like it would with a fellow cat or kitten. This friendliness, of all its personality traits, makes the Maine Coon a great pet for almost any family.

How Energetic are They?

As a kitten, a Maine Coon is very energetic. It is still playful and fun-loving up until adulthood, with some decline in energy. Keep in mind though, that a Maine Coon is not technically an adult until it has reached its full growth at an age between 3 and 5 years. In other words, the Maine Coon will be quite bubbly and goofy for 3 to 5 years before it starts calming down and “taking it slow”. Even so, the Maine Coon has an innate ability to match its energy with the energy of its owner. It knows how and when to tune down its playfulness around others and is considered to be great first cat pets for children.

Male Versus Female Personalities

For some reason, unlike in most dog or cat personalities, a male Maine Coon is more sociable than a female Maine Coon. Physically, a male Maine Coon is bigger and still the goofier one making it more the “life of the party” compared to the female one. A female Maine Coon is said to be more intelligent but more wary of strangers. However, it is just as friendly and affectionate once it gets to know the person/animal. You can find out more here about Male VS Female Maine Coon Cats.

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