Maine Coon Cats are probably the most revered and best loved gentle giants in the cat world. As many owners of this breed will tell you, there is always more to them than meets the eye such as their unique personalities, habits, and ways they easily make us swoon with the adorable daily characteristics. There are simply many things that make the Maine Coon breed unique and a great family pet to own. However if you own or are looking to invite these loving cats into your home there may be some facts and myths about this breed you didn’t know about!

Let’s take a look at seven interesting and fun facts about Maine Coon cats that make them an amazing and unique breed to own.

Maine Coon’s are great at trilling and chirping

Maine Coon Chirping

You may be familiar with the sounds many breeds of cats make when excited, happy, or when they spot a bird outside and begin chirping near the window. However unlike many breeds Maine Coons in particular are known for this and often enjoy vocalising there feelings in adorable ways. It is commonly believed that Maine Coon cats are said to chirp in an attempt to mimic and catch their prey but either way it will be quite possibly the cutest noise you’ve ever heard!

Maine Coon Cats Love Playing With Water

Maine Coon Bath

While the majority of their domestic feline cousins try to avoid water at all costs, most Maine Coon Cats actually love playing in and around water. This is in part due to their highly water resistant fur coat that covers the body of this breed. Many Maine Coon owners speak in great delight of being able to play with their cats using water and only makes things easier when bath time comes around. Due to their unique tolerance to water you may often find your Maine Coon cat curled up in the bath tub or wash basin having a snooze.

Main Coons Can Grow Into Gentle Giants

Large Maine Coon Cat

Many people know that Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats you can own with the males being able to grow upwards of 25 pounds. However some Maine Coon’s around the world have been known to grow much larger into gentle giants and make their way into such things as the Guinness Book Of Records. Due to the ability of these cats to grow so big compared to other breeds its increasingly important to monitor their size and keep a cat growth chart so you can ensure your Maine Coon is fit and healthy.

Maine Coons are the “Dogs of the Cat World”

Maine Coon With Dog

They are considered the Dogs of the Cat world not only due to their size, but in most part due to their personality and characteristics. Maine Coon cats are very loyal and will often be found at the heel of the owners while they wander around the house. They are also very protective of their home and will be wary of visitors they do not recognise. Many Maine Coon owners often make the comparisons of how alike they are to dogs however unlike most breeds of dogs they are more self sufficient and will find things to occupy them while the owners are away from home.

Popular Myth About Maine Coon Cats (Debunked)

Maine Coon Long Tail

A popular myth you may have heard surrounding the Maine Coon cat breed is that domestic or semi-wild cats were believed to be mating with raccoons. While for the most part this could be understandable due to their size and large bushy tail that resembles a raccoons tail, this is considered not plausible due to the genetic differences between the two animals and more of a theory without any hard evidence. It’s widely believed that instead of this theory Maine Coon cats came about through selective breeding of short-haired domestic cats with long-haired cats from overseas that possessed more qualities such as personality and hunting characteristics that we can still see in these cats today.

Some Maine Coon Cats Once Had Six Toes

Maine Coon Six Toes

Like us Maine Coons normally have five toes to stand on, however years ago many Maine Coon cats in Maine US were often found to have an extra 6th toe on each of their paws. Its commonly believed that this characteristic helped them move more freely in environments covered in snowfall and hunt prey. This form of Polydactyl is rarer in recent times due to the 6th toe being deemed undesirable when breeding Maine Coon cats. While it may be considered undesirable by breeders there is no doubt that if your Maine Coon has six toes it only makes them more adorable!

They Never Lose A Hunters Instinct



While they are domesticated and have no real need to hunt for food anymore, Maine Coon cats never lose a hunters instinct and can often be found stalking for prey outside more for fun than a desire for food. Years ago these beautiful cats were bred to hunt for rodents such as mice on farms and quickly adapted to become expert hunters. Their hunting characteristics are what makes it so important to ensure they can practice their hunting skills in the home using cat toys and love playing games with their owners.

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